The Turgen Gorge

Turgen Gorge located in the Ile-Alatau Natural Park, 90 km from Almaty. In ancient times the trade caravans were travelling there eastward to China and India. The gorge is famous for its waterfalls. And the most picturesque one is 30-meter Bear waterfall, surrounded by overhanging cliffs and green spruces…

Turgen Gorge is rich in coniferous and mixed forests, alpine and sub-alpine meadows, lakes and springs, as well as picturesque waterfalls. And you will have an easy trekking to the beautiful Bear waterfall, surrounded by rocks that are keeping imprints of plants of glacial period.

And, finally, you will visit the Trout farm, where this noble fish is breeding. You will have an opportunity to relax at nature as well as go for fishing. The trout, caught by you, will be cooked for your lunch.